Why Ethan Hawke is the most talented actor of his generation? Why Ethan Hawke is the most talented actor of his generation?

Why Ethan Hawke is the most talented actor of his generation?

Hawke could have been the new Brad Pitt but he chose to stay offbeat from Hollywood to focus on his career as a true artist. How did he manage to thrive after accusations of infidelity from his publicized divorce with gorgeous Academy Award nominee, actress Uma Thurman. Scroll down to find out the secret of the success of this unpredictable actor!

  • Ethan Green Hawke was born in Austin, Texas, USA. His mother Leslie Carole was a charity worker, and his dad James Steven Hawke, an insurance actuary.
  • His parents divorced when Ethan was just 5 years old. Raised him by his mother, they moved around the US until she remarried and the family settled in Princeton Junction, New Jersey in 1981.
  • Hawke was married to actress, activist, and philanthropist Uma Thurman from 1998 to 2005. The couple have two kids, Maya and Levon.

Ethan Hawke had the potential of becoming one of the most popular Hollywood stars since his debut in blockbuster hits like "Dead Poets Society" in 1989 and "Reality Bites" in 1994. The screen veteran instead chose independent films and more artistic projects. He even created a theater company called "Malaparte" in Manhattan!

Ethan Hawke & Uma Thurman in Gattaca premiere.

Although he did make sporadic appearances in big-budget studio movies like "Gattaca" in 1997 and "Great Expectations" in 1998. The sensitive and intellectual performer pursued a career more to enrich his skills and recognition than looking for commercial success.

Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpie in "Before Sunrise" movie poster.

His talent and intensity come to prominence in his various collaborations with prestigious director Richard Linklater, with whom the Oscar nominee most remarkably starred in "Before Sunrise" in 1995, "Waking Life" in 2001, "Before Sunset" in 2004, and "Before Midnight" in 2013.

We love Ethan's memorable perfomance in the movie "Boyhood" in 2014, in which the actor and the director had shot scenes in pieces over the course of 12 years. We celebrate that he prefers more personal projects to keep growing as an artist.

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