Christopher French and Ashley Tisdale Christopher French and Ashley Tisdale

Who is Christopher French, the father of Tisdale's child?

After announcing her pregnancy on Instagram, becoming a trend across the United States and receiving more than 1 million likes in an hour, everybody is asking themselves: Who is the man of Ashley Tisdale? Read below to find out more about him! 

  • The 6' 1" music producer was born in California and lives in Los Angeles with his actress wife.
  • He is the founder of the rock band Annie Automatic and composed for the TV series of Young & Hungry. 
  • They were together for 8 years. Got together on 2012, married on 2014 and together ever since.
  • Famous actress and colleague of High School Musical Vanessa Hudgens was a bride at their wedding. 

Everybody is asking how did they manage to take so long to getting a child after they dated "only" for two years and got married? The secret is that they fell in love the minute they met "I knew it was him. It doesn't get any better. I just can't explain it" stated Ashley on an interview with TV host Ryan Seacrest:

As we mentioned before, he is also in the entertainment business, but as a musician. He managed to commercialize his music to TV series like "The Dead Girls Detective Agency" and produced several of Tisdale's songs like "Still into you".
But before her, he was also known as "the man of" another celebrity. And guess who??? Kaley Cuoco! Yes, the famous Big Bang Theory actress dated him for a year. After finding out about their pregnancy she even commented on Tisdale's Instagram!
French and Kaley Cuoco back together in 2012. Source: Getty

What else can we tell you that you don't know. They live in a beautiful home with a garden for their dogs called Stardust and Sushi. Now they are going to be able to manage another "baby" in the house, and we are super excited for them! Que viva el amor (long live love)!

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