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Which ‘Friends’ TV-show stars have bagged an Emmy Award?

The American sit-com will be celebrating its 26th anniversary in September 2020. Fans continue to love and support the show and the characters played by its cast. But not all members of the series were recognized by the Emmys. Keep reading to find out more!

  • Friends aired on TV for 10 years from 1994-2004. 
  • During this time, the series has received 62 Primetime Emmy Nominations.
  • The prestigious award show’s 72nd ceremony will be held virtually on Sunday, September 20.
 Friends leading ladies Lisa and Jennifer

Out of the six members, Lisa Kudrow became the first to receive the esteemed award in 1998. She won the outstanding supporting actress for her role as ‘Phoebe Buffay’. Then in 2002, Jennifer Aniston also received the honor for her iconic role as Rachel Green.

These two ladies are the only ones who took the trophy home. Surprisingly, Courtney Cox remains the only friends actor who never received an Emmy nomination let alone an award. The fans of the show wonder why. She brilliantly portrayed the role of Monica Geller, the most loving and caring person in the group.

The famous Friends boys trio

As for the 3 boys, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry and Matt Le Blanc, they all got a nominated for their stellar performance. However, they did not recieve the final award.

They all may have not won an Emmy Award, but they definitely did get the reward. Near the end of the hit series, the cast made a whooping $1 million per episode. The show continues to be one of the most watched series on ‘Netflix’.

Fans have desperately been waiting for a Friends’ reunion that was supposed to air this year. The event has been postponed because the coronavirus outbreak. How excited are you to see the star cast come together once again?

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