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We are living for Chris Evan's zero chill this US election

Yesterday was a good day for the US and its people. The 2020 presidential election stretched very long making everyone totally consumed by the news. I think we have seen the color blue and red a little too much this weekend. It's fair to say this was a stressful process with a lot of false allegations against the votes being counted. One person who was too done with this drama was our favorite Chris: Chris Evans. Read his hilarious tweets below!

  • Joe Biden is the 46th President-Elect as a result of the 2020 elections
  • Trump has voiced out his disagreement with the election results throughout 
  • Many celebrities and influencers, including Chris Evans, pushed their fan base to go vote this year and have openly supported Biden and Kamala Harris
Chris Evans using his leaked photo accident to urge people to vote

We all have been on the edge with these election results. The state's color changing from blue to red or red to blue has made us lose a few hairs. So we can't really blame Captain America for losing his chill in his tweets about how the republicans are irresponsibly accusing the election process. 'Come-to-life toilet' is something you do not want to be named.

We all have seen how (Ex-) President Trump continues to misinform his audience through his social media platforms about the election results. It is saddening and scary but Chris Evans reply to that is surely adding to the hilarity of the situation. Also, how relatable are these tweets?

Also doing better than the other Chris (*cough*Pratt*cough*), Evans has been actively motivating young people to go vote. Be it through teaming up with MTV for doing a stream on vote early day, or talking to first-time voters. It is fair to say Captain America is winning our hearts without his shield and costume.

Moreover, a few of the Avengers assembled to talk with Kamala Harris a week ago. Here's a fun video of them playing Trivia with the now Vice President-elect:

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