Do celebrities like singer J.Lo and Alex Rodriguez cook?

The unknown home skills of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Social distancing has reduced the distance among members of many families. One case is Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez' one where everyone cooks, and they all have dinner together. Scroll down to learn more about the new chefs!

  • J. Lo and Alex Rodriguez are partners since 2017. The singer has twins Max and Emme, and the third baseman has two children as well, Natasha and Ella.
  • The couple trains and shops together and are used to spending time as one.
  • One of the things they enjoy the most is dinner time at home.

Social distancing due to health issues has made many people go a bit crazy and terribly sensitive about basically everything. Hence, that is not the case of this amazing super positive couple.

J. Lo and Alex Rodriguez have managed to see the bright side in it! Way to go guys! They generally have a chef (of course) who cooks and prepares everything for dinner. Now, the whole family had to play its part to eat.

J. Lo enjoying some time with her family. Source: E online

Those who know her say Jenn is a great cook! Alex affirms it saying she does most of the cooking and that the singer even spoils the whole family. As for the sportsman, he basically cooks his favorite food: 'Chicharron de Pollo'.

It is said that when people cook together they stay together. We hope that is true for this amazing couple we love! Do you think they sing and dance while they cook? I'm sure they certainly do! Let's watch one of J.Lo's latest hit: "Pa Ti"


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