Might Meghan Markle have worn Diana's Cartier gold watch?

The truth behind Meghan Markle and Princess Diana’s watch

There’s a strong rumor that Meghan Markle is wearing Princess Diana’s Cartier watch. Prince Harry’s late mother’s wish was that her children’s wives inherit her beloved jewelry collection. Scroll down to find out if the Duchess of Sussex is truly honoring Diana’s memory with her heirloom!

  • Harry and Meghan stepped down as members of the royal family at the end of March 2020, looking for personal and financial independence.
  • The couple have a net worth of $30 million, from an inheritance from Harry's late mother Princess Diana, and an annual allowance from Prince Charles.
  • Princess Diana’s Cartier tank French watch was a present from her father for her 21st birthday. Today, it retails for $22,500.
Prince Harry and Meghan official portrait by Matt Syles.

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry appeared in their black & white portrait as part of their work with “Time 100 Talksfans went crazy speculating that they spotted Diana’s striking gold Cartier Tank Française watch on Meghan’s wrist.

Princess Diana wearing her Cartier watch in the 90s - Source: Getty Images

The watch was Lady Di’s favorite and it was thought that Prince William inherited it. However, he gave it to his younger brother because he got her mother’s engagement ring after all!

Princess Diana's watch close up.

Here is the explanation behind this mysterious story. A few months after Diana’s tragic accident that cost her life, little Harry and William chose their inheritance from their mother’s jewelry.

William took the Cartier watch and Harry took her sapphire and diamonds engagement ring.

Meghan Markle wears Diana's watch as a tribute.

William wore the watch for several years until he decided to propose to Kate Middleton. So he asked his younger brother if he wanted to trade the watch for the ring. Harry gave the precious piece of jewelry to his sibling because he also inherited her mother selfless kind heart.

Prince Harry and Meghan remember Diana with fondness.

Then when Harry proposed to Meghan he gave the Cartier watch that meant so much to him to his wife, a precious treasure that once belonged to his mom The People’s Princess. 

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