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The truth about Ellen DeGeneres: I'm a real person on TV!

The talk show host started "a new season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and she really wants you to know that she is incredibly sorry about the allegations of a toxic work environment. Keep reading as we reveal her emotional apology!

  • The "Ellen DeGeneres Show" started in 2003.
  • As a presenter she has won more awards than any other person, including 30 Emmys and 20 People's Choice Awards.
  • The 18th season of DeGeneres’ talk show launched on September 21, 2020.

The comedian premiered the first episode of her eponymous show with a monologue addressing the controversial accusations of bullying and racism. We were deeply moved by the honesty of the host’s words when she sincerely apologized!

The star took full responsibility for the problems.  After an internal investigation three producers were fired. In her monologue she promised that this is the beginning of a new chapter. The talk show returned with changes to create a better work place for the future.

Using her quirky sense of humour to dismiss the accusations of secretly abusing her staff. "I'm not a behind the scenes villain. I'm that person that you see on TV. I'm not that good as an actress." Ellen said. We believe she is real kind person who admits having failures, but she is so sorry and is trying to improve.

Ellen DeGeneres emotional apology.

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