The most incredible facts about actor Ethan Hawke

Can you believe that such an amazing Hollywood star like Hawke has never won an Oscar? The “Reality Bites” star has had many Academy Awards nominations, but it  has come the time for him to win it for the right movie. Scroll down as we tell you more about his secret ambition!

  • Ethan Hawke, 49, is a prestigious American actor, writer, and director.
  • “Dead Poets Society” star has been nominated for four Academy Awards and even a Tony Award. Though he never walked away from the red carpet with the golden trophy.
  • Hawke has directed three movies, three off-Broadway theater plays by Chekhov and Sam Shepard, the fantastic music video “Stay, I Missed You” from Lisa Loeb and a documentary.
  • He is also a prolific writer, he wrote the song “I’m Nuthin'” for his fictional rock band in “Reality Bites.” He published “The Hottest State” in 1996 and has written two more books and a graphic novel.

Ethan Hawke has been nominated for four Academy Awards, in 2002 as best supporting actor in “Training Day” for his performance opposite to Denzel Washington and he received another again in 2015 for his secondary role in “Boyhood”. He also was nominated twice for writing the scripts for “Before Sunset” and “Before Midnight.”

“Everyone in the world knows that when an actor says that they don’t want to win an award, they’re lying,” Hawke said. "Dead Poets Society" star received international acclaim and enthusiastic reviews for his outstanding acting portrays, though if he can win an Oscar he would like to do it in his own terms and he is been worried about being famous for something he doesn’t feel proud of. 

Ethan Hawke has 4 Oscar nominations, surprisingly no wins.

He recalls that River Phoenix was his first movie partner, so he saw him becoming successful from being cast as the young Indiana Jones, but he preferred his more personal roles, like “My Own Private Idaho”. Fame made him insecure and he learned that it is more important to keep your self-esteem high. Fingers crossed that Ethan will receive the award at the right time!

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