The last talk of 'Black Panther' actor, Chadwick Boseman

One day before he lost the battle against colon cancer, T'Challa talked with his siblings Derrick and Kevin in a heartbreaking FaceTime.  After his death on August 28th, 2020, the entertainment world was left in tears. Every major celebrity made a tribute towards Boseman, who wasn't only an actor, but a symbol of hope, justice and fairness. If you want to know what they talked about, scroll down.   

  • Boseman was famous for portraying the superhero and King of Wakanda. 
  • The symbol of his arms crossed is still used around the world, specially for anti-racism protests.
  • He kept his disease as a secret and not even the major movie studios who hired him knew about his condition. 

Chadwick comes from a family from entertainers. His brother Kevin is also an actor as well as a dancer and he shared with the American public his family secret.

One day before of his death, they had a video call where they spoke to Boseman, who was conscious enough to know that he didn't have much time on this Earth.

Kevin and Chadwick Boseman

"We talked about our childhood, how everything was before he became famous". Derrick, a church Pastor, commented that during his fight, Black Panther would always say "Hallelujah". At the end of their talk, they prayed all together, and they all felt that it was a farewell.

The siblings together

The city of Anderson, 10 miles away from the Baptist Church Cemetery of Belton (where he is buried) are working on a memorial, a statue and an art project for the town to remember his hero.

Even Disney got a mural of Boseman with his arms crossed.

For a man he was about to go to heaven, he sure knew that he made everything possible on Earth and that he would change forever our lives. Hallelujah to you, King of Wakanda!

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