The incredible path of LeBron James to becoming a celebrity

From his father abandoning him to his stepdad going to prison, this basketball star's life wasn't easy. Sport was his miracle savior. The Angeles Lakers just won the NBA championship against Miami Heat and LeBron was the ultimate star in every game. How he was determined to succeed and how he made that happen, in the following video!

  • He was born in Ohio and is considered one of the greatest basketball players in history.
  • James is 35 years old and has a net worth of almost half a billion dollars. 
  • The 6′ 9″ basketball prodigy is usually compared with former Chicago Bulls leader, Michael Jordan. 

“I shouldn’t be here” says LeBron in an interview after winning the NBA title. The basketball player is fully conscious about the privilege he for even stepping a professional basketball locker room.

He doesn’t take anything for granted despite being one of the best players of the world for over a decade now.

Like baby Yoda, but baby James

After all the sacrifices he had to make, it’s the least he can do. His mother Gloria got pregnant of LeBron when she was just 16 years old.  He grew up without a father. His biological dad was, legends say, a super talented street basketball player that ended up being a criminal and locked up.

The father left the family and his new stepdad ended up also in jail. They spent his childhood living in different homes and cities, while his mother lived from the unemployment compensation. James was already big for his age and when he was just a kid, an American football scout saw him and invited him play. He was so strong and big that offered his mom a shelter and food.

James before switching to basketball

They found a family home where the big teenager could stay, and then he decided to change his sport: started in an amateur basketball team in his city Akron next to his friends, and the team got so famous they even got to go to Florida to play a national championship.

James took Los Angeles Lakers to winning the 2020 championship

Years passed by, he got a scholarship to go to high school and at that point he was 6′ 5″ with 17 years old and everybody was talking already about the young MVP. The rest, as you might know, is history.

He was the cover of the most important magazines like ESPN and GQ and was nicknamed “The Chosen One”. Met his wife Savannah Brison over 20 years ago. She was a cheerleader and didn't know that the big guy was already a famous athlete. Now, they have 3 children together (Bryce, Zhuri and Bronny).

LeBron James with his family

Together, they created a nonprofit that helps children from low income homes from the city of Akron, Ohio.

I will never forget where I came from” says LeBron. And today, being a multi-millionaire and a world-class star, he remains the same. Thank you, and congratulations!

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