The incredible life of designer Kenzo Takada in pictures

The incredible life of designer Kenzo Takada in pictures

The fashion and entertainment world is broken after they heard the news of the passing away of one of the most unique designers in this world: Kenzo. Everyone from Vogue Magazine to GQ and Harper's Bazaar is making their tribute posting pictures or stories on their Instagram. In our case, we investigated the most iconic pictures that reflect his wonderful life. Watch them below!

  • Kenzo was  81 years old and died from COVID-19.
  • He died peacefully in a bed of the American Hospital of Neuilly-sur-Seine (next to Paris).
  • Despite being away from his company since 1999, he was still a creative mind and advisor for the brand.
Kenzo with his models in a fashion show

After studying in Tokio's Bunka Fashion College in Japan, he moved to Paris to pursue his dream of a brand of his own. In 1970, he made it when started to sell his unique clothing pieces that mixed vibrant colors and risky designs from Asia.

Kenzo used to say "Work hard and laugh hard"

Jungle, tigers, flowers and original designs made Kenzo one of the most beloved clothing brands.

His joy was admired around the world. Source: Frederick FLORIN / AFP

Takada made such a big name for himself that brands like Dior, Chanel and Balenciaga started competing against him. After his retirement from the company, he started painting and taking pictures.

Of course, he was successful as well and exhibited his paintings all over the world.

The designer in a gallery with his paintings. Source: Fred DUFOUR / AFP

"Colors help to transmit a certain feeling". And today, that color is gray, but with a tint of dark yellow. Despite the sadness of his going away, we are struck by his light, his legacy and his incredible sense of style. Thank you master!

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