Stormi Webster reveals her Halloween costume

The mother-daughter duo decided to cancel our Monday blues with a cute recipe reveal video on YouTube. The cookies were baked to perfection while the two had a little chit chat about the upcoming celebration. Stormi, 2, also revealed what costume she’s going to sport this Halloween. Scroll down to discover more about the Jenner's preparations below!  

  • Stormi is the only child of the socialite and reality star Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott. 
  • She was born in Los Angeles California.
  • The daughter of Kylie Cosmetics owner recently started homeschooling for which she was given a $12000 Hermes bag. Kylie faced backlash from the fans and followers.

We have always admired Kylie for her style, fashion sense, makeup, and what not but this time the one to leave us all in awe is none other than the beauty mogul’s daughter, Stormi Webster. It looked like charm runs in the family as the little diva’s speaking manners left the audience admired in their recent YouTube video. The mother-daughter sported matching spooky sweatshits and sweatpants.

Upon being asked by mom about Stormi's Halloween costumes the 2-year-old responded that she’s going to turn into a minion. Just to remind you, the Kardashian-Jenner’s costumes are not any ordinary ones. They get tailored by the best of the best designers in town.

Last year Stormi was dressed up as Kylie Jenner at Met Gala

People even showered Webster with love in the comments section. A lot of people claimed that they don’t follow Kardashians however they loved Storm and certainly became a fan of hers. Despite being criticized for various reasons, there's one thing that Kylie’s always appreciated for: raising her daughter well!

People applauded her for being so calm towards her little one who was quick to make a mess when she took over the kitchen counter. Not to forget how the businesswoman's daughter was mindful of what she’s doing and kept cleaning the space herself.

The most heartwarming part was when the reality star's kid spilled some flour but immediately asked for a towel to clean the mess she created. At the end Kylie allowed her 2-year-old to decorate the cookies that turned out kind of inedible because you know kids are relentless when it comes to using sprinkles. 

Stormi also expressed that she would want her best friend and Khloé’s 2-year-old daughter, True to try them first.

Anyways, the cookies that turned out a little messy, which is completely acceptable when a 2-year-old is taking over the kitchen counter, looked absolutely tempting. We seriously appreciate Stormi’s behavior and Jenner’s patience with the baby girl. Now, all we are waiting for is to see the family dress up in minion outfits on Halloween and specially the daughter of the two. Lastly, we definitely want to see more of Storm on Kylie’s YouTube channel. That’s my wish and most probably yours too!

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