Sienna Miller and Chadwick Boseman together

Sienna Miller revealed secret donation from Chadwick Boseman

Days and months pass by and the world is still being impressed by the Black Panther actor. On a recent interview, actress Sienna Miller revealed that while shooting the movie "21 Bridges" he had a noble gesture that reduced the gender gap that exists in Hollywood concerning salaries. Find out more about the untold story below!

  • Miller is a New Yorker actress known for films like "Alfie", "G.I. Joe" and "American Sniper". 
  • She dated actors Jude Law and Tom Sturridge.
  • The gesture of Boseman marked her and she remembers him as the "kindest man on Earth". 
Sienna Miller and Chadwick Boseman together

Wakanda King gave up part of his salary to ensure the participation of the actress.

The studio didn't want to pay her that much, so the Panther said he would give up his share so that Sienna could be in the movie: "After I tell this story, most of the actor friends are quiet and tend to change subject".

Gender gap is real, and alongside his battle with colon cancer, Boseman never stopped working. He secretly visited children hospital without paparazzi following him around.

He was just a good human being. Neither his producers nor the co-stars of his films knew he was sick and never told anyone. He joked like he always did and fought against racism, injustice and gender equality.

Actress Sienna Miller and Chadwick Boseman at the movie premier "21 Bridges".  Source: Getty

Boseman was one of the good ones. And he left. But not before leaving a legacy into this world. RIP Chadwick!

Watch the trailer of the movie below:

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