Brad Pitt, Roland Mary, the husband of Brad Pitt's girlfriend and Nicole Poturalski Brad Pitt, Roland Mary, the husband of Brad Pitt's girlfriend and Nicole Poturalski

Roland Mary is selling Brad Pitt's wine in his restaurant

Who is Roland Mary was the questions many did months ago. The husband of the Academy Award winner's girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski (yes, you are reading correctly) has a luxury restaurant in Berlin, Germany, called Borchardt. It's the place where all the celebrities go after the Berlinale Film Cinema, and is now selling the wine produced by Angelina Jolie and Pitt, Château Miraval Rosé Provence. Why? Scroll down for more!

  • Roland Mary is also the father of Poturalski's son, age 7.
  • His net worth is approximately $30 million from his eatary ventures (10x less than Brad).
  • The vineyard is located in the village of Correns, in the South of France.
  • Pitt bought it in 2011 with ex-wife Angelina for $60 million.
Nicole and Roland

This love-relationship-fruit-salad-mix is hard to follow even for us. But we will make it clear for you, our precious reader:

A) Nicole Poturalski is a 27-year-old model married to 68-year-old restaurateur Roland Mary.
B) Brad Pitt, 56, dates Nicole and took her to his vineyard.
C) They met in Mary's famous restaurant in Berlin.
D) No, there are no jealousy. It's all good. 2020. Time to live free love and open relationships are a thing.

Ok, back to the story. Not only is the relationship between Brad and Roland awesome (they are friends), but they ventured into business.

Fleur de Miraval Rose, by Brad Pitt

Taking advantage of all the fans and media frenzy, Roland made a bold move and started selling the 2019 Miraval Rose that goes with their dish of Lambs, lettuce chantarelles and balsamico cherries. 

The picture of the menu in Borchardt, Berlin

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star seems to be ok as the wines pays for his estate's costs and makes even a profitable business. And no, Brad isn't selling wine door to door. He has people for that (don't you love how celebrities have people for everything?). In the middle of the long divorce hearings of Pitt and Angelina, at least, they are still selling wine together!

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