Roland Mary is closer than ever to his wife Nico Poturalski

If you just found out, Brad Pitt's girlfriend is married. Yes, swallow it first. It's 2020 people and there is place for everything in this life. The 27-year-old has been spotted in Berlin with him. The German capital is the place to be for Roland, where he owns one of the most famous restaurants "The Borchardt". This is THE place to be if you are a celebrity and want to have a drink after you finished the Berlin Film Festival. 

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  • This is the first time the pair has been seen together publicly since everybody found out that the supermodel was dating Brad Pitt. 
  • The Hollywood Casanova took her to his "Château Miraval" in France, to a property he owns with his ex wife Angelina Jolie (they are about to enter one of the most controversial divorces of the decade).  
  • Roland has been married 4 times already and has no jealousy "super philosophical guy", according to his close friends.
Brad, Nicole and Roland. Source: Getty

From staying on a $67 million property with one of the most handsome men in the world to having fun and eating wonderfully in her husband's restaurant. Life is smiling to Nicole Poturalski, the supermodel who made the news after being seen in "Le Castellet" Airport in France with Brad Pitt. Apart from being beautiful, she is a mother and is married to Roland Mary, father of the 7-year-old and famous restaurateur in Berlin.

The pair was seen holding hands and smoking a cigarette while talking to their friends outside 'Borchardt' the "Nobu" of Berlin. Honestly, my dream is not being like Brad Pitt (despite it wouldn't be so bad I guess), but to have the relaxation and good vibes of Roland.

The pair was seen outside Borchardt. Source: DailyMail

He is even friends with his wife new boyfriend, accepts an open marriage and even gets to have a booming business. After being married 4 times, he will for soure outlive everyone of us despite being 68 years old. For more Rolands in this world! 

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