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Revealing bikini photos of supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio

Of course that the answer is NO! This Brazilian supermodel has been lately enjoying some time at the beach. She is always playing volleyball there with some friends, showing her competitive spirit too. This time she was enjoying Santa Mónica with friends, and we got some pictures for you! Keep scrolling to see them!

  • The ex-Victoria's Secret angel was born on April 11, 1981, in Erechim, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
  • Ambrosio is dating Nicolo Oddi, the co-founder of the Italian luxury knitwear brand called Alanui
  • She loves playing volleyball at the beach with friends. 

On Saturday, September 26, the 5ft 10in supermodel was seen at the beach in Santa Monica with some friends. 

Alessandra at the beach. Source: Diggzy

Delighting people with her golden tan, she was wearing a brown string bikini that exposed her incredible figure. Alessandra also wore a pair of Vera Wang Eyewear sunglasses while she was playing. She is always so glamorous!

Alessandra enjoying the sea. Source: Backgrid

Ambrosio seems to be an excellent volleyball player. She was seen shinning and joyful while she served the ball in the game. 

Alessandra at the beach. Source: Backgrid

When the sports session ended, she pulled her hair into a bun and went straight to the ocean for refreshing herself. Alessandra seems to be relieved while she got into the water. 

Alessandra in the sea. Source: Backgrid

At the moments in which the waves became more intense, the model moved back towards the shoreline. Some minutes later, she felt more confident about the sea and started to swim. 

Alessandra at the beach. Source: Diggzy

Apparently the fashion diva and her friends were celebrating someone's birthday. After the dip, she dressed up with some shorts, a Hawaiian-style shirt, and flip-flops, and went for some bags and two festive birthday balloons.   

Alessandra celebrating someone's birthday at the beach. Source: Mega

Doubtless, Alessandra has great times with her friends. They enjoy doing some activities together as playing some volleyball. Also, they seem to be the funniest mates because she is always laughing with them.

We are happy for them, cheers to the whole group! Watch them playing volleyball some days ago:

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