England's Queen Elizabeth II is the ultimate celebrity

Royal fans love the monarch’s kindness and strength, she's back to business as usual just to give reassurance to the British people. Queen Elizabeth II is looking amazing on her first public engagement outside Windsor Castle, her royal residence where she spent the last seven months. Her grandson Prince William, 39, joined the 94-year-old monarch. We really admire the Queen ,she's always busy with her royal duties and looks glamorous like a celebrity. Scroll down as we reveal the latest news about this exemplary lady who's looking radiant in pink!

  • Elizabeth II is the Queen of the UK and the Commonwealth countries. She was born in London in 21 April 1926.
  • The Duke of Cambridge, 38, better known as Prince William, is the second in line to the throne to become King of England. He is the elder son of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, Princess of Wales.
  • The 94-year-old monarch is the richest member of the Royal family. Her fortune is estimated around $300 million.

Everybody knows that her majesty and Prince William have been tested and are pandemic free. So they decided not wear masks but respected social distancing.

Her Majesty and the Duke of Cambridge visited the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory near Salisbury to formally open the new Energetics Analysis Center. 

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Willam and Kate Middleton.

The Queen is so cool that she arrived James Bond style in a helicopter. This is the first time we've spotted Her Majesty reunited with one of her family members in public after spending lockdown at Windsor Castle with the Duke of Edinburgh.

Of course, she was staying in and keeping safe to set a good example for people in the UK.

Don't you think her majesty looks ageless and elegant on her new official portrait? Look at this beautiful photograph of the Queen that was just released by the Canadian Government.

Her Majesty looks like a star wearing such a glittering tiara with diamonds and blue sapphires!

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