Paris Hilton's documentary reveals a new side of the heiress

This Is Paris will premiere on YouTube on September 14th. The media personality talks about her dark past for the first time. Take a look at the video below.

  • The documentary covers a very traumatic experience Hilton had at a young age when her parents sent her to a boarding school.
  • The hotel heiress is known for her influence on pop culture and is considered to be the "original influencer".
  • Many of the trends she started are prevalent today. 
  • The 5 ft 8 in  model and businesswoman has an estimated net worth of $300 million.

Paris first announced the documentary in July on Jimmy Kimmel's show. She said she reveals things she's never talked about before. During an interview with correspondent Tracy Smith for CBS News Hilton said that there are so many differences with the "Barbie airhead" character she has played for years. "In real life, I'm the exact opposite. I'm not a dumb blonde, I'm just very good at pretending to be one."

Rick and Kathy Hilton with their two daughters Nicky and Paris

Paris wants people to see her as a human that has feelings, and knows that once they see the documentary they'll understand her a lot more. The heiress had a wild streak as a young girl in the 90s, so her parents decided to send her to a series of "behavior modification" schools. "Basically I was just sneaking out, going to clubs, and not going to school and ditching class. And that's when my parents thought it was time for me to go away."

In 1998 when Hilton was 17-years-old she was sent to Provo Canyon School in Utah. The institution treats young people with mental and behavioral challenges. In the documentary Paris describes it as a prison camp, with solitary confinement and physical abuse. The now 39-year-old heiress said they would use her as an example and choke and hit her. She had nightmares for years and felt she couldn't tell anyone because nobody would believe her. "Even hearing myself talk about it, it sounds impossible to believe."

The YouTube documentary premieres on September 14th

For more dark secrets about Paris Hilton's past don't miss her documentary on September 14th.

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