Ryan Dorsey and Nickayla Rivera

Naya Rivera's ex clears his relationship with her sister

Ryan Dorsey, former husband of Glee star, took over Instagram to clear everything that has been said about him and Nickayla, the supermodel sister of Naya. He even revealed some shocking messages he received from random people! Watch the video below!

  • Dorsey is also an actor who played in 'The Vampire Diaries', 'Justified' and 'Nashville'
  • The video has been viewed over 240.000 times in 10 hours. 
  • Under the caption "It's not always black and white", Ryan preached love and unity.

"Strangers are making assumptions and sending terrible messages". Ryan started his video commenting the nightmare he's been through after photos leaked with Naya Rivera's sister.

He even cried thinking in the crazy situation he is going with his little boy, knowing that he is smart enough to realize that his mom is not coming home.

The photo that sparked controversy

"People think it's ok to send hate", about the critics he received after the photo leaked. The truth is, that Nickayla, also known as 'Titi' has been the closest thing to a mom that the young boy will ever have, and he discouraged the fans when told that they are not dating.

The model also cleared the rumors saying that she learned "not to judge others" and hopefully people will start doing the same. In a world where social media and pictures mean everything, sometimes it's better to sit tight and not thinking about the worst of people, but the contrary and continue to spread love!

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