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Model Kendall Jenner has a look-alike from Georgia

There’s a new set of doppelgangers in town! The reality TV-star is being compared to a woman called Teona Chachua. The two have an uncanny resemblance which has left the fans shocked. Read below to find out more!

• Other than their faces the two don’t have much in common. But that was enough for the European woman to gain thousands of fans!
• Teona is a 29-year-old mother while Kendall, who is 24-year-old model is the only Kardashian sister without a child.
• The Victoria Secrets angel has a stunning height of 5’10” while her ‘twin’ is only 5’2” tall.

Teona Chachua and Kendall. Can you guess who is who?

Teona started her beauty blog on Instagram in 2018, the same year Kendall was declared the highest paid model in the world. Fans were quick to spot the resemblance between the two. Teona never realized this until fans started bombarding her comment section. She revealed that people constantly stop her on streets to ask if she’s related to the ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ star.

The concept of doppelgangers has appeared in several religions and cultures. There is a myth in India that every human being has seven lookalikes around the globe. With the world being more connected through social media, let’s see if this myth can be put to test.

Doppelganger's incredible resemblance!

People also compare the beauty blogger to actress Sandra Bullock. Teona says that her followers’ remarks boosts her confidence and she feels nice being compared to such beautiful women. However, Teona wants to be recognized for her own work. But, we can’t ignore the fact that being compared to these celebrities has helped her earn almost 100k followers on Instagram. This milestone is great for the success of her beauty business.

If you want to see the work of this beauty expert (and learn some Georgian on the way) check this video out:


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