Discover what new mum Gigi Hadid thinks about soulmates

Model Gigi Hadid reveals her unbelievable deepest secrets

The model was in a segment of Alexander Wang’s video series, Big Questions on a Tiny Horse. She talked about the concept of soul mates, her purpose in life, and other curious and deep themes. Keep scrolling to read her incredible answers about it!

  • The 25-year-old mum is the daughter of the former model, Yolanda Hadid.
  • She has a net worth of $29 million.
  • On September 23, Gigi welcomed her first daughter with pop singer Zayn Malik. 
  • She talks about her thoughts about love and life in Alexander Wang's video series.

After receiving her first baby with Zayn Malik, the 5ft10 queen opened up about deep issues like soulmates in a clip titled Big Questions on a Tiny Horse from Alexander's Wang video series. 

The 25-year-old star, said at the video series segment: "I've heard, like, star clusters or, like, soul clusters that throughout life you find people that you realize are meant to be - meant to carry you through." We couldn't agree more.

Gigi and Zayn. Source: Getty Images

Hadid remarked the fact about how she was feeling at the filming time. She said she felt 'happy' and 'a little anxious' when talking about all this kind of existential issues. 

About her purpose in life, she told the camera: "I think my purpose is to continue to grow creatively and learn everything that brings me joy, which I think is everyone's purpose."

Gigi Hadid

Finally, talking about if what we perceive in the world is reality or just a construct of our minds, Gigi responded, "Who knows? It’s like why babies love Peekaboo - they literally think when you cover your face you disappear - it’s genius." So cool.

We are wordless about Gigi's answers because we think exactly the same as she does. It's quite amazing to know what our beloved celebrities think about these profound topics. Thank you, Gigi, for sharing with us! What do you think about soulmates?

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