Vice President's Mike Pence fly

Mike Pence's Fly is by far, the most famous in the world

You are thinking it. I am thinking it. We are all thinking it. For this 2020 to get weirder, we only needed a fly. And not any. After the vice president debate, a curious fly became the ultimate celebrity by landing on the head of Mike Pence and staying there for ages. In case you were wondering: yes, the fly has Twitter and accumulated over 115.000 followers in less than 24 hours.  

  • The fly became trending topic in the United States, over the actual candidates.
  • 35.000 fly swatters saying "Truth over Flies" were sold at the Biden campaign website and they sold out in a matter of seconds. 
  • Marketers are taking advantage of the hype and selling thousands of products like clothing and even food with funny statements like "Fly will vote" 

How much are you enjoying this news? Because me, as a writer, I am laughing at this exact moment. Not only did the fly became our favorite celebrity from 2020, but has been already made into a Halloween costume.

The new Halloween costume of 2020. Source: 3Wishes

Yes, you can buy the wig with the fly in the store 3wishes for $50 dollars. Oh, we love the imagination that Americans have. How we can turn everything into a business! Asking what else can we come up with?

The apparel company also sells Tiger King costumes! Brilliant! Comedian Julia Louis-Dreyfus talked about the fly like many other celebrities:

The "Truth Over Flies" was a genius move by the campaign managers of Joe Biden as well.

Truth Over Flies Fly Swatter

Anyways, back to our fly. She has been a hero. She has been inspiring us. And she has been making us smile and turning what it could be for some (or most) a boring debate, into something way bigger. Thank you little friend!

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