Prince Harry and Meghan campaign to make people aware of racism

Meghan helped Prince Harry to see racial bias!

Prince Harry, 36, revealed that he had no idea that unconscious bias existed until living in his wife's Meghan Markle's shoes. The Duke of Sussex has blamed his privileged upbringing as a member of the Royal Family. It made it hard to understand unconscious racial bias. Keep reading as we share his revelations!

  • Prince Harry is married to Meghan Markle. He is the younger son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. The prince is brother to Prince William who is second in line to the throne after their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Harry and Meghan are known as The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. However, they don't use their “Royal Highness” prefix because they have officially stepped down from their roles in the royal family.
  • Meghan is an American actress, best known for her role as Rachel Zane in popular US TV drama “Suits."
  • The star met Prince Harry in Toronto while he was visiting Canada promoting his charity work for the "Invictus Games."
Prince Harry become aware of racial bias thanks to Meghan.

Prince Harry frankly admitted that it took him many years, through the experience of sharing his life daily with his wife Meghan, to recognize racial bias.

Unconscious bias is any sort of prejudice in our attitudes. For instance, asking a man advice instead of a woman because subconsciously you assume he will be more knowledgeable.

It can lead to racist behavior even if people do not consider themselves to be racist at all.

Speaking from his house in Santa Barbara, California, via video call, the duke said: "I had no idea unconscious racial bias existed.”

Prince Harry and Patrick Hutchinson supporting Black Lives Matter

The duke made these statements in conversation with Patrick Hutchinson, to support Black Lives Matter. Harry advised that people of all backgrounds should get involved in racial issues and promote equality.

Patrick Hutchinson carries an injured white man demonstrator.

Mr. Hutchinson is a personal trainer, who rose to fame after he was captured in a photo carrying a white man to safety during a conflict between protest groups, an action that Harry praised him for.

Prince Harry living in Meghan's shoes to understand racial issues.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have spoken in depth about race issues during Black History Month. The couple have campaigned for an end to structural racism in Britain.

This is the existing social and political system that makes it harder for people of color to enjoy the same opportunities as everyone else. Meghan remarked there was a lost generation of "people of color.”

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