Meet Kingsley Rose, the fruit of Kane Brown's love story

Meet Kingsley Rose, the cute daughter of rapper Kane Brown

The little princess turned one year on October 29 and her parents, Kane Brown and the American singer Katelyn Jae made her an incredible birthday party. Besides this, there are other facts we would like to share with you about her. Keep reading to meet Kingsley!

  • Kingsley born on October 29, 2019.
  • Her parents originally though she was going to be a boy.
  • She appears on her father new music video 'Worship You' with her mother looking extremely elegant.

About her name

Kingsley Rose Brown. Source: Instagram

Kingsley parents thought that she was going to be a boy, so they had decided to name her 'Kingston' to maintain the KB initials.

Kingsley Rose Brown and her parents. Source: Instagram

"Then after we found out we were having a girl, we were trying to think of another 'King' name or a 'K' name. We thought about calling her 'King,' we thought that it would be cool for a girl, and we just fell in love with the name Kingsley.”said Brown.

Learning new things

Kingsley Rose Brown and Kane Brown. Source: Instagram

Like all the babies, Kingsley is constantly learning new things and discovering the world. "She finally just found her tongue, so she keeps her tongue out all the time," Kane said about it.

Kingsley Rose Brown and her parents. Source: Instagram

Brown also said he is waiting to see her talking for the first time: “I’m waiting for her first words. She ain’t got to that point yet, but she’s almost crawling, so I’m just excited to be able to witness it all."

First birthday

Kingsley Rose Brown and Kane Brown. Source: Instagram

The proud parents shared all about their daughter's birthday celebration on Instagram. First they let some cute messages to her on their accounts.

Kingsley Rose Brown. Source: Instagram

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KINGSLEY ROSE! I love you more than you will ever know. Can’t believe you are already a year old. Don’t grow up to fast angel. We love you ”wrote Katelyn, her mother, under a picture of her looking at her birthday cake.

Kingsley Rose Brown. Source: Instagram

Kane also shared a picture of his daughter on Instagram in which she looks adorable with a pink hair bun. “I have a 1-year-old, WTF lol this year went way too fast as slow !! Happy birthday angel, my big girl." the singer wrote in the caption.

Kingsley Rose Brown and Katelyn Brown. Source: Instagram

On Saturday, Katelyn posted another photo from the birthday party in which Kingsley was sitting in front of her name in big lights and a balloon arch with tons of puppies.

Kingsley's birthday party. Source: Instagram

For sure, Kingsley is extremely lucky because of the parents she has. They are constantly making love demonstrations to her, and they also look incredibly proud of what she is becoming.

Being the child of two singers, we hope she maybe chooses turning into a singer too. Do you imagine how cool would it be? What do you think about it? Watch this video of her birth:

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