Maldives: The favorite celebrity island to relax

Colombian singer Shakira and the Barcelona soccer player Gerald Pique have posted some adorable pictures of their family holidays in the Maldives. But they are not the only celebrities that spent their vacations on this beautiful islands. We wanted to learn more about why famous & rich fly there! Read more about this paradise below!

  • Shakira and Pique met after the 2010 recording of her song “Waka-Waka”.
  • They have been together for more than 10 years.
  • The couple shares a son, Milan and a daughter, Sasha.
  • Maldives is known to be one of the most romantic places on Earth.

The Colombian singer Shakira (43) and the Barcelona soccer player Gerald Pique (33) enjoyed quality family time in the Maldives. 

She posted an adorable picture of them together on Instagram, in which they seem to be more in love than ever!

Shakira on vacations in Maldives

Many famous couples chose this Asian island as a destination for their romantic vacations. Among them, actress Sophie Turner and singer Joe Jonas, the Barcelona star Leo Messi and his wife Antonella Roccuzzo and Prince William with Kate Middleton.

Actress Sophie Turner on her honeymoon in Maldives

This tropical island offers a diversity of activities that goes from relaxing in the beaches to swimming with sharks! The private and romantic environment that Maldives offer is probably one reason why so many famous couples choose to visit the island. It is also an incredible difficult place for paparazzi to reach (and expensive).

What else can you ask? Beautiful weather, crystalline beaches, amazing food and privacy. Sounds like the celebrities' paradise!

 Watch the video below to know more about this amazing place:

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