Kylie Jenner reveals what's inside her bag

The socialite released a video thisTuesday, where she showed fans what goes with her every time she steps out of the house. Keep reading to find out Kylie's daily essentials. 


  • The star has 8.8 million subscribers on YouTube.
  • She owns a makeup brand by the name Kylie Cosmetics and a skincare brand known as Kylie skin.
  • The brand is based in Oxnard, California.

Kylie posted a video on her YouTube chanel that was seen by 1.6 million people in less than 24 hours. The celebrity was wearing a black polo-neck jersey top with monochrome leather jeans.

She chose a jet black bag which she said was her first ever Birkin bag. She bought the purse on Kris Jenners suggestion.

The video was filmed inside Kylie’s huge closet. Being a makeup enthusiast, the majority of the products in Jenner’s bag were cosmetics.

kylie jenner's huge bag closet source: dailymail

Now comes the part where she started to unpack her bag. First thing, keeping the ongoing situation of the world in mind, was a Kylie Skin hand sanitizer that is not yet released in stores.

Moving on, she pulled out the Scent perfume that she made in collaboration with KKW fragrances. Kylie also revealed that the scent won fragrance of the year title.

kylie KKW fragrance source: elitedaily

The next thing was a pink and black camera, a present from her sister Kendal Jenner. Kylie says the camera goes with her everywhere, and she loves documenting all the adventures with it.

Next up was a wallet, couple of scrunchies from her own brand that are yet to release, Kendall x Kylie blotting powder, a charger that her assistant made for Kylie's 23rd birthday, some bubble gum, sunscreen, wipes, a customized UNO and some COVID-19 essentials i-e cotton masks. Everything was from her own brand except one of the Skim's mask.

kourtney and kendal in Skims facemasks source: pagesix

Kylie also had a pack of apple sauce just in case Stormi feels hungry. Then she had some lip balms that she said would be back in stores soon. Other than that, there were a few more things including sunglasses, a few lipsticks, lip liners and an Ulta Beauty*Kylie gloss that will be available in stores soon.

To conclude that, Kylie has all the necessary products that a girl would have in her bag including the pandemic essentials that now possess higher value than many other things!

It felt super empowering how the celebrity is so self sufficient that she has almost everything either customised or from her own brands.

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