Kylie proves to be the smartest Kardashian-Jenner kid

Kylie Jenner is what we call a true influencer!

The A-list stars have been actively participating in the election campaign. Putting pictures on stories, sharing posts, and verbally screaming to get everyone prepared for the upcoming elections. But there’s no one as smart as Kylie Jenner who has already made a massive number of people visit the website and register themselves. I mean there’s only one thing that hits our mind when we see the 23-year-old and that is “Beauty with Brains!” Scroll down to see how she, yet again, proved her worth in less than 24 hours!  

  • Kylie Jenner started dating Travis Scott in 2017 and welcomed a baby girl, Stormi Webster, in 2018. However, the couple split in October 2019.
  • The 23 years old has her own beauty empire called Kylie Beauty.
  • She has a 15,350 square feet house that is worth $36 million.
Kylie Jenner is definitely the smartest of all of her siblings

Kylie Jenner knows how to convince people to vote. Unlike other celebrities, the reality TV star didn’t ask people to do so in a conventional way with long paragraphs of ifs and buts. Instead, she kept it simple and catchy with a photo of her tan self in a Dior bikini.

But wait… business and awareness go hand in hand, at least for the beauty mogul. One post should have several benefits, Kylie being the case in point. So besides running a voting campaign, for the first photo, the celebrity chose to promote Dior and of course her own brand Kylie Skin. For a mere second, it felt like Kylie intentionally chose a spot under the sun, so she could promote her sunscreen! 
Anyways, for the latter image, it was a laser skin company!

What seemed to be a thirst trap in the first look was in fact, a perfectly pitched election campaign that only the richest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan knows how to pull off!

And guess what?! She was actually successful! In a screenshot she shared this morning, a message that appeared to be from the website officials, said that there has been a 1500% increase in the site’s traffic. We are still wondering how much the celebrity would have earned from this partnership!

Kylie is a true example of beauty with brains. Who could have done that better than the richest 23-years-old? If her “click the link in my bio. Let's make a plan to vote together” can make this much of an impact, then she rightly deserves to get a million paid for a single sponsored post.

Kylie Jenner provokes people to register and vote Source: vogue

We hope Stormi's mother keeps her influence positive and promotes only what truly needs to be promoted since a lot of people take her seriously. However, it’s all the day in day out hard work that has got the girl where she is today and we admire her for that. 

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