Kylie Jenner declares herself the Boss!

The socialite recently uploaded some photos on Instagram, and we are not sure whom the caption is for? I mean everyone knows that Kylie is the most successful out of all of her sisters. It’s pretty obvious that her homies kind of envy her because who would have expected the youngest member of the family to turn into one of the highest paying celebrities at just 21 years of age. But is there someone who thinks or calls her bossy? Scroll down to read Kylie’s sarcastic caption that left us confused!  

  • Kendall and Kylie were caught in a catfight and the reason was a dress! And we are assuming the caption might be for her sister.
  • The younger Jenner also confessed that the fight was insane and sisters who do so are not okay!
  • Although the shooting time was over yet some cameras caught the face-off but it’s still not clear how the feud began!
Kendall and Kylie Jenner were caought in a face-off in the latest episode episode of KUWTK

Kylie and Kendall were the highlights of yesterday after their massive fight in the reality show that aired on screens on Thursday which left people talking all sorts of stuff about them. Some thought the whole thing was a drama while others wanted to see how the fight started.

Meanwhile, the internet was still speculating and making fun of the Jenner sisters’ face-off, the beauty mogul uploaded a bunch of photos, and the caption was quiet bemusing! ‘I’m not bossy I’m the boss’ said the statement.

We wonder who thinks Kylie is bossy and whom does she want to inform that she’s an absolute boss babe! Maybe the businesswoman wanted to tell Kendall, who accused ‘everyone bows down to Kylie,’ that yea ‘I’m the boss.’

Kylie Jenner claims she is not bossy instead she is the boss

There’s another possibility that she is pointing towards her other sisters who think their mother, Kris Jenner, is biased towards Stormi’s mom! Perhaps there has been someone calling her bossy because, let’s face it, she’s a billionaire, highest-paid celebrity. She owns multiple Makeup, beauty, skincare brands, and has the most followers on Instagram, so it’s pretty obvious that bossy nature if she has so, is the demand of her life and career. Because in business, it all falls on how you behave! The frightened ones don’t make it so far.

Do you agree with me? Who do you think is Kylie trying to target? What led the 23 years old to caption her post like so?
Whatever we say, the matter looks settled now as the sister have been exchanging comments and sharing pictures together. We hope whosoever thinks kylie is bossy has got the point the beauty mogul tried to get through.

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