Mary Jo shared a cute message with family

Kris Jenner's mom leaves a deep message for her grandkids

We all believe that the oldest are the wisest because of their life-long experiences. The KUWTK star's grandmother, Mary Jo, leaves a meaningful and praiseworthy message for her children, grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren in the family group. Scroll down to read words of wisdom from the oldest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.  

• Kris Jenner’s mother turned 86 this year.
Marry Jo has appeared in the reality show KUWTK numerous times.
• She has her own 45-year-old children’s clothing brand called Shannon and Company.

Marry Jo leaves a heartwarming message for her kids Source: justjared

On Monday morning Kim Kardashian, 39, shared a screenshot of her grandma’s message on Instagram stories before she began her workout.

Marry Jo's message Source: Just jared

The screenshot presented discerning words from the oldest and the wisest member of the clan. The 86-year-old expressed her will to see her grandkids fix the planet that has undergone massive destruction for many decades.

She said, Praying my 10 great-grandbabies can help fix this poor planet in time and find solutions to climate change and pollution to stop the destruction of this gorgeous earth.” Kim captioned the story “Words of wisdom from my grandma MJ this morning on our family chat. Amen.”

Every grandma has her own wisdom right? But sometimes when we grow up and understand what they wanted to tell us we realized it didn't make any sense, but we take it anyways because we love our grannies.

With the increasing threat to the environment, we totally agree with Mary Jo. In fact, we are thankful to have somebody speak up and preach for a worthy purpose rather than just leaving it up on the future generations to put up with the consequences. 

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