Kourtney wishes Addison Rae on her 20th birthday Kourtney wishes Addison Rae on her 20th birthday

Kourtney Kardashian sends warm wishes for Addison Rae

The socialite and the TikToker have been friends for some time now and their friendship is blooming with each passing day. This time Kourtney shared a beautiful birthday wish for Addison despite critics calling her out for their age difference. She even clapped back at a few of the followers for making fun of their relationship. Although the criticism went on but the reality star couldn’t care less! Scroll down to see how the 41-year-old made her friend's day special!  

  • Kourtney and Rae's friendship was an incident when the TikTok star went to surprise her 10-year-old son, Mason. The two hit off and became best friends.
  • Addison Easterlings says that the Kardashians are not only friendly on camera, but they are equally sweet off camera too.
  • Netizens find their friendship odd because of their 20 years age gap and hence keep bullying them on social media.
Kourtney Kardashian and Addison Rae's friendship is blooming

Kourtney Kardashian shared a video on her Instagram for Addison Rae’s 20th birthday and called it a ‘Real friendship reel.’ She referred the influencer to an angel. The two can be seen enjoying themselves and posing for the camera in the video. It truly sparks the bond they share.

Despite their age difference, the BFFs looked pretty comfortable with each other. The special day wish didn’t end there. In fact, the mother of 3 also took to her Instagram stories to make Addison’s day better which really proves how close they are because you don’t go about posting photos with everyone on their birthdays except for when it’s someone special.

The Poosh founder uploaded a total of 6 photos of her young friend. In one of the images, the friends were twinning in matching tropical bikinis whereas in another photo the duo dazzled in a matching sequins outfit.

The BFFs rock in a sequins outfit

Kourtney, 41, and the 20-year-old co-founder of Item Beauty met through a mutual friend and YouTuber, David Dobrek, back in January. The actual cause of their union was the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star's 10-year-old son Mason, who loved Easterlings’ TikTok videos and wanted her to help him launch his own account on the video sharing app.

Lesson learned, when it comes to finding the right friend, age doesn’t matter. Sometimes the odds make the best outcomes! And the 41-year-old former girlfriend of Scott Disick and the Item Beauty founder, 20, are a living proof of that.

Watch Kourtney react to the critics of her friendship with Addison Rae!

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