kim khloe and kourtney are ollaborating kim khloe and kourtney are ollaborating

Kim Kardashian’s business is flourishing

After the successful launch of Skims maternity solution wear, the reality TV star is all set to launch her new fragrances this week. Keep reading to find out who Kim collaborated with this time.

  • The businesswoman owns multiple brands including Skims, KKW fragrances and KKW Beauty.
  • The celebrity is selling 20% of her beauty brand to Coty. The deal will be sealed in 2021 leaving Kim with remaining 75% of the company’s stakes.
  • The 39 years old has 188 million followers on Instagram.
The Kardashian sisters promoting fragrances

West recently collaborated with her sisters Kourtney and Khloé for their second Diamond fragrance collection. The scents are all set to launch on Friday, September 18.

The perfumes come in a luxurious packaging. Kourtney’s scent is packed in a ruby red crystal bottle while Kim’s comes in a green emerald and Khloé’s in a sapphire blue packaging.

The perfumes are expected to cost around $40 each. The Kardashian sisters previously came up with their first diamond collection in November 2019. The family has been marketing the product on their official accounts pretty well.

Khloé said in her Instagram stories that “the scent is divine, all three of them are. I think we each did an incredible job.” She said they individually worked on their scents so it was a pleasant surprise to smell her sisters fragrance because no one had any prior input.

Watch the latest teaser of KUWTK below.

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