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Kim Kardashian shared an adorable #tbt photo with sisters

The celebrity shared a very non-glamorous yet beautiful photo of hers, Kourtney and Khloé. The most famous family on the Internet, TV and social media are touched by the ending of their reality show. And there are some flawless memories that they are starting to share. Scroll down to see what caption did she give her latest Instagram post!

  • Kourtney, 41, is the eldest sister while Kim is 39, and Khloé is 36.
  • The family recently announced the final season of KUWTK will air in 2021.
  • The sisters were born at Los Angeles, California.

Kim shared a throwback picture from 2006, before their reality TV show KUWTK began a year later. The sisters were seen without makeup however they still looked gorgeous.

In the picture, Kim was wearing a Burberry bikini and had a band aid on her chest. Khloé on her right was wearing a bottle-green bathing suit. The sisters opted for trendy oversized shades for the day out.

The Kardashian sister 14 years later source: Adobe Stock

Kim looked quite conscious as she hid her tummy with her hands. One thing people applauded in the comments was how Kourtney, who was wearing a pink bikini, didn’t change at all. 14 years later, she looks just as beautiful as she was before. Kanye's wife captioned the picture “Trifecta 2006". As KUWTK is ending, the stars are emotional and sharing several memories from the show like the first show's interview.

Kardashians weren't the first reality show about a family there was. Remember Gene Simmons (the Kiss singer) had also one? And the Osbournes as well. But these girls really made it big. And transitioned to multi-millionaire businesses and spin-off shows.

The Osbournes TV show. Source: Depositphotos

One thing we realized from the throwback picture is that no matter how much time goes by, the Kardashian sisters will always look young and beautiful no matter what. Their goal was to make "reality" at their maximum. They made the perfect transition from TV to social media in the perfect moment.

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