Kim Kardashian risks her life for husband Kanye West

Kim Kardashian risked her life to take care of Kanye West!

The celebrity opened up about many things in her recent interview with Paul Flynn for Grazia magazine. Kimberly shared her experience of treating Kanye West herself while he was battling with COVID-19, a disease that spreads from human to human interaction. However, the socialite still personally took care of her husband. Keep reading to know more about Kardashian’s struggle!  

  • Kanye West said he tested positive for COVID-19 in February but her wife claimed that he fell sick somewhere in mid-march.
  • Kim’s outlook on the global pandemic is that maybe the planet needed a break.  She considers it a much-needed reset!
  • Earlier Kanye told Forbes magazine that chills and shaking in the bed were some symptoms he had of Coronavirus.

Kim Kardashian shared what she went through when her husband, who is a famous rapper and business partner with big brands like Nike and Adidas, unfortunately, tested positive for Coronavirus.

Kim Kardashian shares her frightening journey of treating Kanye West while he suffered from COVID-19

The disease hit Kim’s family when there was least known about it, how it's treated, and what the results could be! She said her husband got sick around the same time when Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were tested positive.

The situation left the family in jeopardy. Kim recalled how terrible she felt when she helped her sick husband get out of the bed. What further broke her heart was that she had to attend Kanye with gloves and protective face shield.

However, we loved to hear how the wife risked her life to make sure her man is well. Kim didn’t leave West alone in a time of extreme anxiety when one doesn’t know what life has for him. The reality star said that she was frightened because she was all alone with her four children North, Chicago, Psalm, and Saint. However, she didn’t leave her husband suffer alone.

Kim Kardashian says it was scary that she was all alone with her four babies while Kanye was suffering from COVID Source: stock sponsored

Thankfully the family came out of the moment of terror and none of the other members of the house contracted the deadly disease. Kim deserves every bit of appreciation for being such a supportive wife despite challenges!

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