Khloe kardashian claps back at haters

Khloé Kardashian knows how to handle haters!

The reality star has been getting a lot of baffling comments for looking different in every post. Although my personal opinion is that some people naturally look slightly dissimilar in different poses but fans certainly don’t think so. The recent pictures of the socialite landed her in a pool of negative comments and some of them went a little under the belt however, Khloé is not a stranger to such situations. Scroll down to see how the 36 years old shut hate commenters under her post!  

  • Khloé Alexandra Kardashian is a socialite and model with a net worth of $40 million.
  • She has a daughter, True, with an ex-boyfriend and basketball player, Tristan Thompson.
  • The media personality has 28 million followers on Twitter and 122 million on Instagram.
Khloe faces backlash for editing her pictures too much Source: stock sponsored

Khloé Kardashian has been facing backlash for some time now since people think she uses too many filters and edits her pictures so much that it makes her look different. People even accuse the new ambassador of Ipsy of promoting unrealistic standards of beauty.

In a recent post where Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was seen wearing a body-hugging strapless corset with black leather bottoms with twintales hairstyle, received a lot of strange comments.

Khloe received hate for editing her pictures and changing her appearance

Many people commented as if they couldn’t recognize the star however Khloé perfectly clapped back at a couple of them. One who wrote “Money spent well,” the celebrity responded saying, “the shade of it all” with three laughing emojis.

She later took to Twitter to address the hate she has been getting. The socialite said that she can’t believe how bored some people are who even have time to post hate comments under someone’s pictures, and we couldn’t agree more.

Whatever she wears, however she looks, she’s beautiful in every way. Meanwhile, for those accusing Khloé of using editors may also agree that we all have done that at least once in our lives. Everyone has a smartphone, and we have apps to make our pictures look how we want them to look, so I guess fans should relax and let the celebrity live her life!

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