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Kendall Jenner’s house compared to the Kardashian mansions!

Kardashian's sisters are known for having huge mansions. Their houses are mostly large, white, and minimalistic. Out of all the Kardashian, Kendall’s house is the unique one. The dream house is a perfect combination of class and comfort. Read below to find out why her house is the most liked by fans!

The 24-year-old American fashion model's full name is Kendall Nicole Jenner.

• Her net worth of $45 million is the lowest amongst her family members.

• The 5’10” tall television personality weighs about 121 lbs.

• She is currently dating Devin Booker, who is a 23-year-old American football player.

  • Watch her house below!


Kendall Jenner is the most down to earth sister of the Kardashian family. Her beautiful home in LA is designed with everything that is close to her heart. Her house is better than the other sisters because she can relate to each and everything in it.  While giving a tour of her house to Architectural Digest, she acted like an excited little girl. She explained her fondness with every object of the house. It is not an extravagant huge mansion-like Kylie’s which is mostly used for parties.

According to fans, Kendall’s place is the only Kardashian house that looks comfortable and livable and not a cold museum. It is way more refreshing and full of light than Kim’s plain white house. Even though she is the only sister without kids, but still her house is family-friendly as the warmth is perceptible in every room.

Kendall Jenner's house in LA.

Although Jenner is young, she has a fine taste in furniture. There are many unique historical and artistic pieces that decorate her walls. Her house is full of things that are dear to her. She added her mom’s favorite Italian doors to her living room. Kendall converted her theater room into an amazing art studio as she loves to paint. The best part of her house is that it’s symbolic to Jenner’s personality because of her personal touches. While other Kardashian sisters may have more expensive properties, but they are not as 'Homey' as Kendall's.

Kendall has warmed up her house with earthy tones, which makes it closer to being called a home rather than an architectural structure. Fans love how her new house perfectly complements her character!


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