Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom buy a $14 million Cali mansion

They are the celebrity royals of the United States and decided to move next to their royal neighbors, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and baby Archie. The couple bought a property listed at $14.2 million in Montecito where celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Ariana Grande and Ellen Degeneres decided to live. Watch the stunning pictures below.

  • 'I kissed a girl’ singer is 36 years old and had her first child this year, among several other celebrities who enlarged their families like Mindy Kailing, Gigi Hadid and Sophie Turner.
  • Her husband, the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star, was married to the Australian model, Miranda Kerr but never had a kid before. 
  • The couple got married on Valentine's Day of 2019. 
The couple is happier than ever after moving to Montecito, California

After having their new baby Daisy Dove, they needed a larger home (where would they put their private cinema, winery, spa and gym otherwise?) and talked with their people who got other people to get their home from another important guy.

Incredible mountain and ocean views

Yes, that's how celebrities work. They just lift a finger, and boom, they have a home. Former owner was celebrity CEO of Chrysler and Duracell C. Robert Kidder. 

The main entrance

With almost 9 acres of land, Daisy will have enough place to crawl around. With a combined net worth of almost $400 million, spending 14 in a home seems pretty reasonable.

The home is more than exquisite, featuring infinity pools and gardens, surrounded by mountains and with incredible Pacific Ocean views. Hollywood's elite definitely live a grand life.

One of the main bedrooms with fireplace and views to the ocean

This purchase surely means  that baby number 2 is on their way.

The unbelievable Pacif Ocean view

They will have more than enough room for more to come. We congratulate them and admire their hard work that led them both to living in such a magnificent place! 

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