Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr. kissing in Central Park, New York

Katie Holmes' love story continues to flourish in New York

The 41-year-old actress is over famous & rich actors like Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. She has gotten now a new love, more low profile, called Emilio Vitolo Jr. that could be perfectly a character in the Soprano's series. Italian background, runs the restaurant of his dad, and cooks for celebrities like Barack Obama, Whoopi Goldberg and Bradley Cooper. Read more below!

  • Since day 1, the chemistry in the couple has been like a movie.
  • They have been contacting 24/7 and the celebrity chef apparently has been staying many nights at Katie's luxury apartment in Soho. 
  • Dating over a month now (they were seen on public September 1st) it looks like they might be heading into forming a new family. 
Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr. walking in New York. Source: MEGA

There is a point in every woman's life where dating an Italian man is a must. I don't say it so, most of my friends confirm it. They are family guys, know how to cook, their accent is lovely and know how to dress.

There is a certain flair to them. We spotted them together hugging, kissing and walking like a normal American couple.

Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr. kissing in Central Park, New York

After Katie moved to Manhattan, she probably knew that it's the city where most Italians live in the United States, with almost 1.8 million people with Italian nationality or roots, way over Philadelphia and Boston.

And for Emilio, well, who wouldn't want to date a gorgeous woman, multi-millionaire, that is probably boosting the sales of your restaurant (deep down in his brain he did that connection at some point) and that is a loving, caring person? This story seems to be eternal and we hope so because they look stunning together!

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