Jackie Stallone predicted the future in the most incredible way!

Jackie Stallone predicted the future in the most incredible way!

Did you know that the astrologer had special powers reading people's fortunes? Ok, you must be thinking of palm reading, but guess again because she really went much farther! Scroll down as we reveal all the secrets behind her amazing talent!

  • Jacqueline Frances Labofish was born on November 29, 1921, in Washington DC. Her mother was a Parisian socialite and her father was a lawyer.
  • Charles Atlas, the famous bodybuilder, lived with the family and trained them in gymnastics and weight lifting.
  • The colorful personality also claimed that she was able to foretell the destiny of dogs!

The matriarch of the Stallone family who passed away at 98 at her house in Los Angeles became a celebrity. Not only for being known as Sly’s mother, but also she was famous in her own right as an astrologer. The psychic gained popularity with her book “Starpower: An Astrological Guide to Super Success” published in 1989. 

The Celebrity Big Brother contestant invented the term rumpology, according to her website is “the art of reading the lines, crevices, dimples and folds of buttocks” to look for signs about the person’s destiny".

Jackie Stallone predicted the future reading people's butts!

This very particular procedure was similar to that of palm reading except that the unusual practice was examining photos of people’s rear ends!

Jackie and Sylvester Stallone - Source: gettyimages

During her astrology career, Jackie claimed that she had gave advice to kings, movie stars, prime ministers, politicians, generals, gangsters, cops and even priests!

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