JLo reveals her secrets for a wonderful hair!

Jennifer Lopez is one of America's super-talented singer and actress. Alex Rodriguez' wife has also created a whole empire around her image. She looks amazing at 51 (and that includes body, face and even her hair). What does she use? Watch the video below about her unknown mystery!

  • 51-year-old J-Lo is a singer, a dancer, an actress, a producer and even a businesswoman.
  • She started off in 1991 as a dancer on “In Living Color”. From that day on, she has only climbed the ladder of success.
  • The girl from the Bronx has always shown us she loved training to keep her body fit, but what about her hair? We finally get the chance of knowing what she does!

We all know, or at least we can imagine, that stars do whatever they have to with the hair for a role, for a song, for a film, for a presentation or whatever. They even have to do their hair even when they go to the supermarket!

J. Lo during an interview. Source: Getty Images

Paparazzi are always looking for them, and not because they want stars to be looking exactly right, it is completely the opposite: they want to find them all messed up.

J. Lo understood it perfectly well! She has been in the business for 27 years now, and she has never been caught 'un-arranged'. She trains a lot to keep her body fit and her face doesn't need much because of her skin-type. Her hair is something different, originally she has brown curly hair. Curls need a lot of care!

"Pa Ti" singer has an amazing quantity of hair! It looks like she has tons and tons of hair (sorry to say but it is hard at her age). Well, now she has finally revealed her secrets. As a girl from the Bronx she is very used to wear it in an upper-bun, which damages the hair a lot.

The singer also said she straights her hair twice or three times a weeks tops. The originally curly brunette told her fans she is using the products of a brand she and her husband are partners now: Hims & Hers.

They assured the products are of great quality and at an affordable price.

J. Lo uses the whole kit (yes, even the gummies), but she revealed that using the shampoo alone can still make the difference. So, girls, we already know what we have to do. At least we won't have to spend the whole salary on hair, just a bit. Keep yourselves posted because it seems like Jenn is revealing a lot of her tricks!

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