Meghan Markle victimised by the media like Princess Diana!

Is Meghan's media exposure worse compare to Princess Diana's?

Prince Harry criticized the way Meghan has been treated in the media, which is the same cruel way that his mother was treated! The paparazzi were constantly chasing Princess Diana and her private life was dissected and made scandalous headlines around the world. Keep reading as we reveal how history is repeating itself!

  • Harry and Meghan cut ties from their royal duties to become self-supporting.
  • The couple moved to Santa Barbara, California before their first son, the adorable Archie arrived.
  • They have repaid $3 million to UK taxpayers for renovations on their home in Windsor Castle grounds.
  • They have signed a $150 million contract with Netflix to create children’s programs, films, documentaries and TV series.
  • Meghan is a former actress. Her last role was in TV drama “Suits.”
Meghan and Princess Diana's similar lives! - Source: Getty Images

The Duke of Sussex believes that there’s a ruthless campaign against his wife and said. "I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces."

Meghan's style inspired in her late mother-in-law.

The People's Princess became a royal icon like no other. She was the most famous person on the planet and the press constantly criticized her.

Lady Diana's famous BBC interview in the 90s

However, sometimes Lady Di had a very good relationship with the media. She wanted to express her point of view and gave personal interviews. 

Meghan looks like Princess Diana's double!

On the other hand Meghan shut down her personal blog and the majority of her interviews are focused on her charity work.

The Duchess of Sussex humanitarian work in Africa.

The paparazzi are now obsessed with chasing Meghan in the same way they were with Diana. There has been very negative press coverage about the former actress’s spending.

She was criticized for the cost of renovating their house in the UK. Despite the fact that the royal couple returned the money after a business deal with Netflix.

Meghan Markle gets compared to Princess Diana by the media.

Some people claim that Meghan should be used to the media attention because, unlike Princess Diana, she was a celebrity before marrying Prince Harry.

“Suits” star has a celebrity status, but she is not an A-list actress, like Scarlett Johansson or Julia Roberts. Meghan revealed that she’s never experienced this level of public scrutiny of her private life before!

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