Instagram vs. Reality: Britney Spears deep thoughts on pics Instagram vs. Reality: Britney Spears deep thoughts on pics

Instagram vs. Reality: Britney Spears deep thoughts on pics

The famous 38-year-old singer posted 3 pictures that left the fans astonished. She opened up and revealed her true self after confessing the struggles she had to fight to maintain her gorgeous appearance. Watch the incredible photos below!

  • With a net worth of almost $60 million dollars and a beautiful boyfriend, she can give herself the luxury of posting photos without make-up or Photoshop.
  • Her boyfriend is supermodel Sam Asghari. He is 26 years old and models as an elite athlete for the brand 
  • 1stphorm.
  • The “Toxic” singer was wearing blue jeans, glasses and sandals. If you saw her on your local supermarket you might even not recognize her!

Well, now we can say that 2020 is officially weird. From having the poster of the singer in my roof to seeing photos of her wearing a flannel. Ok, not saying is bad, just feels odd.

Britney is mature and happy with her life. And boyfriend!

The Instagram caption made me realize that everything the pop star said is true. On a certain level the following statement happens to all of us: "“I can get insecure when photos are taken of me that I’m not prepared for ….. so I have always put so much effort into my appearance".

You know that time your mother asks you to delete the picture because she wasn't "looking right"?

We are definitely seeing a more mature version of Britney, that proves the #FreeBritney movement isn't wrong. She is ready to take control of her life, money and enjoy everything she has sweat a lot for. And she shows it while dancing in her home:

"Sometimes it’s nice to not try so hard and pull down your walls every now and then": with this closing argument I am finishing this article with the following conclusion: This is exactly what United States needs.

To pull down our walls, to relax, take it easy and work together towards the goal of living in a better country. Thank you, Britney!

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