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How did Jessica Simpson became famous? Discover it now!

It's a fact that Jessica is one of the most known celebrities from Hollywood. Her big smile and her captivating charm made her a boom in the 2000s. Simpson didn't reach the top of fame and fortune due to her singing aptitudes, but she did by being herself on reality TV. Scroll down to know more about this!

  • The 40-year-old singer is married to the ex-football player, Eric Johnson.
  • She has a net worth of $200 million. Not bad!
  • Jessica has her own brand called Jessica Simpson, with more than 30 product categories, including shoes, clothes, and home objects.

Her singing career started in the choir of the Baptist church which she attended to. Simpson was after a bit approached by the head of a Christian music label but, her curvy body was too inappropriate for the Christian-directed company, and she was left behind.

Jessica Simpson. Source: Getty Images

After that episode, she signed a contract with Columbia Records, and in 1999, her first album, Sweet Kisses, was released. Although the single, “I Wanna Love You Forever”, was quite triumphant, her whole album wasn't in terms of sales. Poor Jess!

Jessica and Nick Lachey. Source: Getty Images

When did she become so famous then? In October 2002, she got married in Austin with Nick Lachey, and the magic began. They both starred in an MTV reality show called Newlyweds, in which the audience could look at their daily lives as just married.

People soon started to fell in love with Jessica's personality and appearance. After that, she was required for many films, presences, and other opportunities. Great news!

Jessica's cosmetics publicity

After those experiences, Jessica started thinking about herself as a businesswoman leaving her music career behind. At first tried having her own cosmetic brand, but it wasn't successful at all, so in 2005 she moved to the clothing industry.

Since then, Simpson has been razing the stores with her variety of products, and by 2014, she made $1 billion in sales. 

Jessica for her clothing brand

In the end, the artist found her nook and taught us that no matter what, you don't have to give up, because there is always something in the world waiting for you! Thank you, Jess!

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