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How Kanye West uses his Twitter for marketing

The 43 years old billionaire has been trending on Twitter for many days due to his controversial tweets. His wife, Kim Kardashian, addressed her husbands mental health issues and how West’s bipolar episodes land him in a bad state of affairs. However, it remains unclear whether it’s only his disorder or Kanye is actually using social media for marketing? Keep reading to find out. 

  • Kanye Omari West is an American rapper, record producer and fashion designer.
  • He has a net worth of 1.3 billion dollars.
  • His wife is Kim Kardashian and share four kids with her named North, Chicago, Psalm, and Saint.
  • Is an incredible marketer and manages to get millions out of his social media. 

Kanye is the twitter’s king. He’s always trending on the social site because of his feuds with fellow artists and even his own family members.

In a recent set of tweets, West confronted the music industry and NBA for not releasing him of his contract. The rant continued and the rapper said he won’t stop until he gets his masters back! He said he would move the music industry to 21st century.

In another tweet, Kanye threw one of his Grammys in the toilet and peed over it. He also got his account suspended for 24 hours, not because of his Grammy-in-the-toilet snap but in an offense of leaking a Forbes editor’s number.

Yesterday Kanye shared a tweet that he immediately took down. West referred to his 7 years old daughter, North, and wrote “Northy I'm going to war and putting my life on the line and if I'm murdered don’t ever let white media tell you, I wasn’t a good man.”

The tweet stirred worry and concern among fans and followers who pleaded him to seek medical help. He once again became the trending topic.

Currently, he’s leading his community from Twitter to buy land and claim ownership. It’s surreal how the sole owner of Yeezy and business partner of Adidas could have so much time to actively participate on Twitter but you don’t get to become a billionaire without marketing! 

The number one rule of successful business is to remain in the public eye and Kanye is always in the spotlight.

Kanye West is facing mental health issues, says Kim image Source: people.com

He may be affected by his bipolar disorder but on the contrary, he is an incredible marketer. He makes sure everybody’s talking about him and gains extra coverage every time he posts something. It often looks like his Twitter is more of a campaign than a place where he can share his opinions.

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