Kim Kardashian reminds fans of a past event

Here's what made fans worried for Kim Kardashian!

Just recently the celebrity shared a video while she jumped into a lagoon along with her kids. Now you might think the fans got worried about the little ones going into the deep water but wait...that's not the story. In fact, her fans being the most caring and sharp-minded requested Kim to not meet the same fate she did 9 years ago. What was the incident and why did it jog fans memories, keep reading to find out!  

  • Kimberly Noel Kardashian has 189 million followers on Instagram.
  • The socialite has appeared in some movies as well including Deep in The Valley and Zoolander, however, the reality show remains her most liked TV appearance ever.
  • The 39 years old celebrity has a mansion in California that is worth $60 million.
Kim Kardashian Jumps in a blue lagoon Source: dailymail

Everyone knows that fans have got no chill, specially when it comes to Kardashians who have their lives documented for the past 14 years, it's all out there. The internet has every tiny detail of each member of the family. The stars may forget about past events but the internet won’t. Fans neither.

To prove it, a similar situation happened a few days ago when the mother of 4 shared a video clip with her 189 million followers. The celebrity showed off her toned body in a bikini and white sneakers before she took a plunge into a blue lagoon. She then cheered her oldest children to do the same which North and Saint did without any hesitation.

Everything aside, the 25 seconds long video clip reminded the fans of a scene from KUWTK in which the celebrity lost her huge diamond earring in the waters of Bora Bora that was worth a whopping $75,000. The reality star sobbed for hours after the loss.

The internet fam made memes, tweeted and commented under her post and begged her to not lose another diamond stud now.

Though it's been 9 years since the incident took place but the loyal fans still remember and kept reminding Kardashian as well to take care of her belongings. One comment even quoted Kourtney's then reaction to the situation, "Kim people are dying."

But the previous loss was enough to teach socialite a lesson. Kim rocked her look without any extravagant accessories this time. Of course, who would want to lose a freaking expensive jewel every time they swim. Not even the wife of a billionaire!

People made fun of Kim Kardashians extra drama after losing her earring

It was quite unexpected for the star and the internet to witness the flashback after the video was posted, but we applaud her long-time fans and followers who remembered and made sure Kim doesn’t go through the misery again!

Watch this funny moment from the latest season of KUWTK!

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