Ethan Hawke’s remarkable new performance deserves an Oscar!

Exciting times for Hawke, 49, the talented actor is playing the role of abolitionist John Brown in the new Showtime miniseries “The Good Lord Bird.” Keep reading to discover one of the most challenging performances of his Hollywood career!

  • Versatile actor and director Ethan Hawke, with a height of 5ft 10” tall, was born on November 6, 1970.
  • His breakthrough performance was in the movie “Dead Poets Society” in 1989.
  • Hawke is best known for the trilogy “Before Sunrise” with French co-star Julie Delpy. Both actors received international critical acclaim.
  • The multifaceted actor has a net worth of $55 million.

The miniseries directed by Albert Hughes, featuring a great cast is based on a novel written by James McBride in 2013. What makes this adaptation surprising is that neither the book nor the series is a conventional tribute to Brown.

Focusing on the slaves, instead of the history of the radical abolitionist, makes the story intensely compelling. Also, the four-time Oscar nominee’s character has irreverent humor. His acting makes the figure of Brown more humane and you can enjoy the biopic much more than reading a manual of historical facts.

“Before the Sunrise” star believes that reflecting on Civil War issues is more relevant now than at any other time in the past and that we should support movements like “Black Lives Matter” and we need to know about our history and the people who suffered and the heroes who tried to save them.

Corey Robertson

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