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Emily Ratajkowski's incredible statement on a podcast session

On September 15, the New York Magazine published an article written by the model in 'The cut'. Her words touched our hearts and helped us to see her daily life with new eyes. Recently, Emily spoke about the text and its process on a Ringer Dish's podcast episode. Have you listened to it? Keep scrolling to know all about it!

  • Emily Ratajkowski is 29 years old.
  • She's been a model since she was 14 years old.
  • During isolation, 'Emrata' read many books and started to write her own essay's collection. One of them, 'Buying Myself Back', was published by the New York Magazine and moved us all.
  • Recently, Em was part of a Ringer Dish podcast episode

On September 15, the businesswoman published an essay about how does it feel to lose your own image because of being a model.

In the rousing text, Emily explained that she knows her image mostly thanks to paparazzi's pictures of her rather than by looking herself in the mirror.

Recently, she was part of one of the Ringer Dish podcast episodes, in which she talked about the writing process of 'Buying Myself Back', the decision to speak out, and how her business reflects her growth as a person.

During the session, Emily seemed to be very relaxed. When they asked her about the decision to put her essay out in the world, she said it was a scary moment.Once you put your truth into the world, you kinda have to hold it up” explained Ratajkowski.

Also, the Inamorata founder said that this essay is born from dealing with many instances of copyright and image use, sense of violation, and media anxiety.

Emily Ratajkowski

In the text, she accused the photographer Jonathan Ledger for abusing her in 2012. During the talk, the model explained that initially, she wrote that shocking episode separate from the essay, and then she realized it would be okay to place it there too.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily confessed that the article had more than 1000 words at the beginning but it ended in 700. She said that the editor of the magazine encouraged and accompanied her through the whole process. So nice!

The fashion icon also talked during the session about her relationship with Instagram. She explained that her connection to that particular social media is just for business issues now.

Emily Ratajkowski

Besides, she confessed that at night after a long day, she prefers to watch TikTok videos than Instagram posts. Did you imagine her having TikTok?

It's meaningful to us having the opportunity to listen to all the background of Emily's essay told by herself. This allows us to understand more and more how she is feeling, and also empathize more with her feelings. Have you listened to the episode yet? You should! Thank you, Emily, for sharing with us!

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