Em Ratajkowski discovers her double and it's beyond belief! Em Ratajkowski discovers her double and it's beyond belief!

Em Ratajkowski has an incredible doppelganger!

You won't believe who is Emily's almost clone. The supermodel found out that someone she admires is quite similar to her, and we certainly agree with that opinion. Keep scrolling to meet the unbelievable double and make your conclusions about it! 

  • Emily Ratajkowski was born on June 7, 1991, in Westminster, London.
  • She married Sebastian Bear-McClard in February 2018. They live together in Los Angeles.
  • The feminism and animal protect supporter has a net worth of almost $10 million.
  • She considers her doppelgänger as a beauty icon.

The founder of the Inamorata brand has always admired the fashion designer Victoria Beckham, and now she discovered that they are incredibly similar. Coincidental? Or intentional?

Victoria and David Beckham in the 2000s. Source: Getty Images

These two brunette divas have many physical aspects in common besides their hair. And Emily shows them up with a picture she posted on her Instagram stories. 

Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard

The controversial proof is a snap of the businesswoman with her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. It looked incredibly similar to a throwback photo of the Beckhams in the ‘90s.

In the photos, both of them were wearing black ensembles that showed their midriffs and arms. These amazing wives were also shining with their straight brown hairs free.

Emily Ratajkowski

The goddesses also have brown eyes and some natural freckles across their nose and cheeks that Emily likes to highlight with makeup.

Young Victoria Beckham. Source: Getty Images

We don't know about you, but for us, the doppelgängers look pretty genuine. Can you imagine having as double someone you admire? It might be like a touching sky with the hands. Do you think they are similar too?


Watch this incredible talk about how one of Emily's favorites fashion designer built her brand:

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