Comedian Mindy Kaling's confession about secret pregnancy Comedian Mindy Kaling's confession about secret pregnancy

Comedian Mindy Kaling's confession about secret pregnancy

After breaking the Internet with her revelation that not only was she pregnant, but already had a child during an interview on the Late Show of TV host Stephen Colbert, Mindy talked about her appreciation towards the medical staff, the risky environment she had to live in the hospital with COVID-19 and how lucky she was during these difficult times. Read more below.

  • After her revelations, the actress posted another picture thanking everyone for their support. 
  • 2020 has been the record year for celebrities' babies. 
  • Adam Brody, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are amongst celebrities that welcomed their children this year. 

Have you noticed something weird in the post? Ok, we give you 3 seconds...1,2,3. "I almost forget I’m outnumbered now". This last statement refers to the mystery everyone is trying to figure it out but apparently no one can't. Who is the father of Kaling's babies?


After Colbert, now 56 years old, asked her about her little boy, he commented that nobody even knew she was pregnant. Mandy loves private life, and she definitely slipped through her post that she is raising her kids Katherine born in 2017 and now Spencer (2020) alone. Does she have a nanny? Who goes for grocery shopping?

In another post we could see the grandmother Kaling helping with Kat, so family always comes in handy. They probably moved to her Los Angeles mansion.

Granny helping with the family

The life of celebrities is sometimes a mystery and other times, what you see is not always true. For now, we have to be content for what we can live and see on social media (which is a lot).

Mindy posted a story thanking all the people who sent her gifts, for example a chef that prepared her Ethiopean meals

So thank you Mindy for sharing your pregnancy feelings with us, and we wish little Spencer the best of luck! 

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