Estevez acting as Charlie Sheen. Estevez acting as Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen's greatest achievements!

 Let's take a look at the actors long list of achievements. He became known for his role in the movies: Platoon (1986), Wall Street (1987) and the blockbuster film series Scary Movie. Yet, became a household name when he landed the role of Charlie Harper in the acclaimed TV show Two and a Half Men. Acting seems to be the destiny of the Estevez family. Keep reading to find out more!

  • The 55-year-old actor made his debut with the acclaimed teen drama Red Dawn in 1984.
  • Sheen's estimated net worth is around $10 million.
  • This popular American actor has been married to Donna Peele (1995-1996), Denise Richards(2002-2006) and Brooke Mueller/2008-2011).
While his brother, actor Emilio Estevez was a hit in Hollywood and his father was a well-known actor, Charlie was fighting to make it on his own right in the show business. His moment came when he played in the movie Red Dawn (1984) next to actor, dancer Patrick Swayze.
Patric Swayze and Charlie Sheen in the movie Red Dawn (1984). Source:
It was this performance that caught the eye of famous producer, director Oliver Stone. He was so impressed with Sheen's performance he gave him the lead role in the movie Platoon (1986) who later that year won the Oscar to the best movie of the year.
Oliver Stone receives the Oscar in 1986 for the best movie of the year. Source:
The following year, 1987 also with Stone he successfully performs in the movie Wall Street, working alongside his father. Charlie has always expressed his admiration towards his father and has said in different occasions his favorite movies was Apocalypse Now (1979). If you thought you were the only one who didn't know the actors real name, read the next twit.

After ups and downs in his long career a big break came by when he replaces the actor Michael J. Fox due to illness in the TV show Spin City.
After that he took on one of the most memorable roles in TV shows as Charlie in Two and a Half Men, famous for his witty comments and bowling shirts.
Charlie Sheen on the set of Two and a Half Men
It has been some time since his appearance on a TV show or film but now the 55-year-old actor is surely preparing his next comeback surprising us with his resurrection, he has done it before!

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