Carole Basking

Carole Baskin is the new American Idol with 2 TV series

She is the Netflix's 'Tiger King' star and is enjoying much more attention since the massive success of the series. She is even getting a new spin off show that will follow the couple in order to defend animal's rights. Read more below!

  • The 59-year-old has an estimated net worth of $5 million.
  • She lives with her husband Howard Baskin in Florida where they lead an animal rescue organization
  • The new show will follow the day to day adventures of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa.


Carole gained national attention recently for participating in Dancing With The Stars. As a symbol for her activism, she danced the famous 'Eye of The Tiger' song, wearing her traditional Florida summer dress. 

She is a symbol for the Justice system, that discovered the plan of Joe Exotic to kill her for defending the rights of the animals.

Apart from getting a new TV show, participating in ABC she is receiving hundreds of job offers from clothing brands and Florida tourism companies that want to take advantage of the hype and have her being the image that represents love and fairness.

Carole and her husband. Source: ThinkFactory Media

After all of her hard work, we are glad that she is receiving so much love not only from the fans but from the entire world!

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